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Magic Gel Pens ! | ParKoo Erasable Gel Pens

Magic Gel Pens ! | ParKoo Erasable Gel Pens

Gone are the days when “written in ink” equals to permanence.

ParKoo erasable pens combine the flexibility of pencils with the vibrancy of ink. With these pens, you no longer have to fuss with white-out or correction tape when you make a spelling mistake or need to change your schedule! The thermo sensitive ink will chemically react and disappear, or physically be removed from the paper when you apply heat or the rubber eraser on it.

These erasable pens is not only fun for the younger generation, but also fun for students, adults, and professionals. Each erasable pen has a fine tip to keep your writing sharp, while the erasable gel ink lets you correct errors as you work.

The tips are retractable be pressing the side clip down. While this may sound like a basic feature, all the bingo, Sudoku, and code-word people out there will be sure to disagree. It comes in more than 20 vibrant and popping colors that can help you do a myriad of tasks. Good for taking notes while using a different color to highlight key points, do assignments, make doodles, and even take quick sketches.

What are you waiting for? Come and try these magic erasable pens.

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