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ParKoo Dual Tips Art Marker Pen  | Testimonials

ParKoo Dual Tips Art Marker Pen | Testimonials

“One thing I love is that these markers come with a swatch chart, I don’t have to make my own”.“They are super juicy ,it was actually kind of nice because the ink would flow super super nicely and lastly ”.

                                              - From Love2DrawManga (Artist Rebekah)





We can see from the video that all these marker pens are put in a durable and stable square carrying case, great for storing. The handy convenient barrel have all your pens organized and ready to be used when you need.

ParKoo's design department think a swatch chart could help artist to find colors easily and it's the must-have for the art project. The honeycomb charts make the whole swatch card look very interesting. It needs you to spend some time to fill in the chart. You will increase much impression about colors during the filling, thus could quickly find the corresponding color when needed.。

ParKoo Dual Tips Art Marker Pen are alcohol based ink,dries quickly, easily blend and layer different colors without worrying about leaving streaks behind.  And designed to last against fading. These makers could provide you large amount of ink, all 80 colors can be used for a long time. This is very important for any artists. We hope that artists will not be confused in their art creation. We are striving to provide great product experience.


Have you ever used ParKoo dual tip markers? What do you think about them? Welcome to leave your comments.




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