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ParKoo Erasable Magnetic Whiteboard Markers  |  Must Have

ParKoo Erasable Magnetic Whiteboard Markers | Must Have

About dry erase marker,the most popular & widely used writing utensil for white boards is, without a doubt, the dry erase marker. These markers are suitable for any type of whiteboard, overhead projector film, sign board, or other non-porous surface. The ink is easy to wipe clean with a whiteboard eraser or piece of cloth.

ParKoo 16-pack dry erase markers set comes with 14 rich colors and 2 more black color for better applying to office, business, school, home and work. They work on any non-porous surface including any white-board surface, glass, mirror, ceramic tiles, and plastics.You will find that your life is more interesting with the markers.

There have an magnetic marker caps feature built-in felt erasers - With magnet on caps, you could stick the markers to the magnetic surface and conveniently take down and write when you need. You will save the trouble of finding a dry erase maker when you are in a hurry of writing something on the whiteboard.You will find that your works is more convenient.

ParKoo dry erase marker have quality safe inks,and which are low-odor and vivid. They are nontoxic and safe to use with kids or adults.

ParKoo dry erase markers are a great choice for using at home or office! 

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