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ParKoo Quick-Drying Gel Pens  -  Your Choice

ParKoo Quick-Drying Gel Pens - Your Choice

People love gel pens for their smooth ink and beautiful colors, but they don’t always dry quickly—and there’s nothing as frustrating as unsightly smears all over your carefully written notes.
Here we have a great quaitily quick-drying gel pen. This gel pen have special day ink technology, if you have a chance to use it ,you will find they are only need two or three seconds and dry on the paper. This makes it the perfect fast-drying pen for left-handed writers and fast note-takers.

Our ParKoo offers the best combination of a short drying time and smooth writing experience. Both the 0.5 mm and the 0.7 mm tip sizes dried within three seconds—fast enough to prevent smudges during all but the most frenetic note-taking.

If you want to use bold tip sizes without compromising drying time,our ParKoo pen is your best option.This makes it great for students and office workers who need to take quick notes and call attention to important information for smudge-free writing. The 0.7mm of the retractable gel pen comes in a rainbow of 14 colors for color-coding to your heart’s content.

Go ahead and give it a try!!

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